Generally in New Zealand, the tenant is responsible for

  • Paying the bond at the start of the tenancy which is usually equivalent to four weeks of the rent.
  • Paying the rent of one or two weeks in advance.
  • Paying for the utilities (electricity, phone etc.)
  • Keeping the property reasonably clean and tidy.
  • Inform the Property Manager as soon as there is a problem / maintenance issue.
  • Looking after the section with regards to the lawns / gardens etc.

For more detailed information see the Department of Building & Housing website below.

To Apply for a Property

When you have found a property you’re interested in and had a drive past. Feel free to fill out the application form and give us a call. Each resident needs to have an application filled out. You can send the application/s by email, fax or drop off at the office. You will need to supply a photo I.D. such as drivers licence or passport.

Contact Details:

Office  :  07 846 1088

Agent  :  021 881 436

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

37 Lake Road, Frankton, Hamilton

Tenancy Agreement

Upon selection for a property an agreement is drawn up, the tenant and the property manager have a copy of it. A tenancy can be an agreed ‘fixed term’ or ‘periodic’ (open term) where three weeks notice to end is required from the tenant.


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