Carol Mckenzie

Office Manager

With 12 years of experience in the Property Management field, our office manager Carol is a very experienced and valued member of our team.

Apart from organizing daily maintenance and managing Trust A/C for our landlords, Carol also supervises the work of property manager and administrative staff to ensure a smooth workflow for APR.  Additionally, Carol works with Julia to ensure all our rental properties to comply with the Healthy Home Regulations.

Dealing with the public and working with different parties, a property management company can experience many stressful and demanding situations. Carols’ calm attitude and excellent communication skills make her the perfect role for dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries.  Carol always effectively liaises between landlords & tenants and endeavours to find a solution that is pleasing to both.

Dedicated to supporting her team and making things right for all involved, Carol will get you the best hassle-free result you had wished for.