Action Property Rentals

Action Property Rentals has been providing a boutique property management service to discerning clients since the company was established in 2012. Our foundational principle is the fact that prompt action brings the best results, hence our business name and the APR mission statement: “Benefit from our action”.  

After gaining extensive experience in property management, Dorothy founded APR to put her personal insights into action. Dorothy and the APR team are focused on ensuring landlords enjoy hassle-free rental investment through strict quality control in the selection of tenants, and that landlords maximise the value of their investment. For tenants, we provide a high-quality rental property through the careful selection of landlords.

APR’s outstanding performance is evident in the fact that almost all disputes are solved by our property managers without recourse to the tenancy tribunal, thanks to our excellent mediation and negotiation skills. Our property managers are also great rent chasers – with a rate of less than half a percent of rent arrears  even during New Zealand’s very testing lockdown periodsOverall APR has a zero-tolerance policy on late rent payment.

Our APR team members adhere closely to the company’s well established management style: being firm and fair, dedicated to achieving the best result for our clients, and remaining courteous and respectful in all situations.

Our beliefs and values underpin every aspect of our business and its success to date. Core to our operation are integrity and honesty with trust account management, accountability for all actions in our business, and total commitment to our customers. We strive constantly for improvement in our work practices and embrace diversity as one of the key strengths of today’s communities.

To keep our business streamlined, APR harnesses up-to-the-minute technology. We are currently using Console Cloud property management software which allows us to work remotely, and our property managers use an advanced inspection app to conduct all the inspections efficiently and thoroughly. 

In the best interests of all parties, APR keeps landlords closely informed about tenancy law changes and Healthy Homes requirements. We not only monitor rental payments on a daily basis but also take quick action when maintenance is required, to safeguard the wellbeing of all APR tenants.