• Selection of the best possible tenant for your rental at the best possible rent.
  • Daily monitoring of rent with our professional management programme.
  • Payment of all rents, bonds and fees into our Trust Account and disbursement to landlords in the middle and end of each month.
  • Contacting tenants immediately if they are one day behind with their rent and issuing of a 14-day letter if the rent issue is not rectified within a week.
  • Collection of the maximum bond equivalent to four weeks of the rent.
  • Representing you, as your agent, in the event of a tenant dispute or Tenancy Tribunal hearing.
  • Emailing you monthly statements and a summary report at the end of each financial year.
  • Conducting a detailed and thorough entry inspection and bond inspection.
  • Carrying out routine inspections every four months and emailing you the report, along with photos. All of our contractors are experienced, trustworthy and have a good reputation in Hamilton.
  • Our dedication to a “tailored service”. We are happy to work with you if you are a hands-on landlord, or with the tradesmen appointed by you.
  • A management fee that is all inclusive – no extra charge on organising maintenance.
  • Obtaining a quote for you for any maintenance exceeding $300.
  • A commitment to communication as the key in positive business relationships. Our goal is to create hassle-free rentals for our landlords!